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We are the parent organization managing two private, K-12 schools in Beirut: Eastwood International School and Eastwood College. Together, both campuses educate over 1000 students in Lebanon, preparing them to be leaders of the future in the 21st century.

Eastwood Schools campuses are fully accredited by Advanc-Ed. They’ve scored in the top 1% out of 34,000 schools globally. They are also both authorized as IB Schools in Lebanon, and offer the American school option, or the Lebanese Baccalaureate. All instruction is in English, with Arabic and French taught as secondary languages.

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Both Eastwood International School and Eastwood College have an outstanding track record, with 100% passing rates for both the Lebanese Brevet and Baccalaureate official exams.

Our schools in Lebanon were the first in the Middle East to integrate a full iPad program. Interactive books, access to all the educational apps on the App store and integrated iTunes U courses keep students engaged, while providing personalized teaching tools and techniques for each student.

Eastwood International School is an International Baccalaureate World School offering both the IBDP1 and IBDP2 classes along with a full IB Primary Years Program (PYP) for the Early Years and Elementary School sections. As of 2017, this Beirut international school also offers a full French Elementary Program, starting with a Petite Section and Moyenne Section, as well as EB1.

Eastwood International School in Beirut is located in a beautiful and pristine suburb (Mansourieh el Metn). It offers clear air and city views year round. Eastwood College is located in another Beirut suburb (Kafarshima). It has large sports facilities and plenty of green spaces.